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Jeff went above and beyond in working to show us apartments that suited our needs. He did extensive homework and research, was personable, honest and fair. He communicated promptly and at all times felt like a true tenant's advocate and an oasis of decency in an industry that is often harsh to apartment seekers.

- Carl B
Devone Graham of Highline Residential is THE broker to hire. Whether dealing with rentals or investment sales, Devone gets the job done! As a millennial in the Brooklyn brokerage community, Devone is able to relate to his clients, understand their wants and needs and puts them into action. He responds right away and makes himself available 24/7... His communication skills are a 10/10! Devone is a community guy; it helps tremendously that he knows Brooklyn so well and has built great relationships with many landlords in several neighborhoods. I highly recommend Devone to all interested buyers and renters looking to make a move in or out of Brooklyn. He's professional, approachable and an extremely hard worker. His hustle is 100% - on our first meeting I was able to tell that he had all of the assets that make a successful broker. As a larger landlord in the boroughs, Silvershore has multiple brokers reaching out constantly for business. Devone and his teammates at Highline Residential have Silvershore Properties up-most respect. He is a man of his word - his clients are his first priority. Devone Graham is one of the few brokers in the market that we trust and we look very forward to conducting more business with down the road!!!

- Matt Newman of Silvershore Properties
Deep knowledge of Williamsburg market and deals, definilty a good help, finally a guy that really knows how to perform his job from A to Z. Keep doing what you do !

- George
Had a great and easy experience working with Steve! He was very helpful and friendly in assisting me with the entire apartment/application process. Steve was also very quick and responsive to all of my messages and questions.

- Michelle Yi
As a large landlord in the area, it was imperative to know that we were working with someone on “our team” and motivated by our best interests. From our first inquiry, Frank Spaulding-Bey of Highline Residential gave a fantastic first impression. Even before I put a face to his name he was able to demonstrate professionalism and trustworthiness. It was evident from the start that he could balance his client's best interest as well as keeping his perspective buyers informed. It's very important as an active buyer/investor to feel engaged and informed throughout the whole process. That being said, Frank and his teammates were not lacking in any of the above. 0 complaints! Frank made things simple and clear for us from the onset. He walked me through the building and quickly understood the things that were important to us in further expanding our portfolio. He has truly exceeded our expectations from day one. For that reason, Frank Spaulding-Bey has gained our up most respect here at Silvershore Properties. We look forward to meeting at the closing table many more times in the future. I highly recommend Frank and his teammates Devone Graham and Maria Monroe. Both Devone & Maria gave their 150%; this process would not have been the same without their expertise. They collaborate in the best, most efficient way. I had zero doubt in the ability of these three brokers. They as a team, stick strong to their word. When something needed to be done there were no excuses – everything was completed on time and as planned. Thank you Frank, Maria & Devone for your assistance. Again, we look very forward to working together moving forward. You’re all true assets and you make a fantastic team. We are fortunate to have been given the opportunity and extremely appreciative of your work. Best, Matthew Newman Director of Acquisitions Silvershore Properties, LLC

- Matt Newman & Jason Silverstein
Marlene was a God send!!! When I returned to New York after being away for a few years, and last needing to go through the process of renting an apartment in 2008, I was in for a bit of a shock about what the real estate market was now like, and quite dismayed at the experiences I had with other agents prior to meeting Marlene. That coupled with shaky credit, made the prospects of finding an affordable, decent apartment, in a decent area quite daunting. It took us a while, but through it all, I felt like I had someone in my corner, truly working to help me realize my dream, and not just for a pay check. I do not have enough praise for Marlene! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone, renting, buying, selling... whatever you need in the line of Real Estate. Thanks Marlene!!!

- Melissa Wilson
Forget about any negativity you've heard about Brokers... Marina is the exact opposite! She is truthful, genuine and truly goes to work for you, not for herself. She helped my wife and I travel from Seattle to NYC and made the process incredibly easy. She adapted to our communication style whether it was email, phone call or text and we were informed through every step of the process. We were greeted with multiple listings within a neighborhood we desired and she set aside time to make us feel important. My wife and I are happy to give Marina and honest, raving review of her excellence and commitment to client satisfaction. We are sincerely grateful for her help.

- Jordan Greek
I made an account on a seemingly strange website (nakedapartments) which apparently was widely used for apartment rentals in NYC. I had only been to NYC twice, and wasn't currently living here, but needed to move into it. Upon making an account, several random real estate brokers and agents began reaching out to me, often with copy and pasted sales pitches and apartment listings which didn't meet any of my described criteria. Then, one day, Myriam reached out to me. Not only did she send me a message she typed specifically for me (not copy and pasted), she sent me a couple listings which could meet my criteria, and went through the extra trouble to inform me how the listings did or did not meet my criteria. It turns out, when you need a short term rental in NYC (I did), it is extremely difficult to find an available apartment which meets all of your specific criteria (relatively low budget, short term, not too far from downtown). I had looked for a while by myself to no avail. Myriam worked with me through the process the entire time, often making herself available to give me a phone call late at night (only time I could talk), in order to help me find such a specific listing. She worked harder for me than I could have ever asked for, and spent so much time searching for me, I felt guilty over how hard she was working for me. Ultimately, she found a listing which met essentially all of my desired criteria (and is even better than I was asking for). Myriam was extremely nice and professional throughout the entire process, and if I'm ever looking for a place in the city again, I'll definitely be sure to contact her first. I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me through the entire process, in a city which was foreign to me. Thank you Myriam!

- Matt Hanson
Jeff was extremely professional and prompt. Thanks to him I have my dream apartment!

- Sara Levitz
Kathleen came highly recommended by a handful of people so naturally I contacted her. I'm so glad I did! Kathleen is approachable, professional, knowledgeable, and honest. She goes above and beyond to find your perfect home and will guide you through every step of the process. Get your ducks in a row and give her a call. You won't be disappointed.

- Tina
Tiara Williams is amazing and, quite frankly, an apartment whisperer. I had a very short window to find something in my price range. Somehow, Tiara found me an amazing apartment in my favorite neighborhood in NYC so far and I've lived here 20+ years. She is a WONDERFUL communicator whose response time via text, email or phone was quick, concise and comforting when necessary. She partnered with another broker to make this happen and when there were hiccups (on the other broker's part), she handled everything with grace, kindness and humor. I cannot recommend her enough for finding your next home. Not only is her "good feeling" about an apartment for you dead on, she will also be honest with you if she doesn't think a certain apartment is the right fit. So she WILL NOT waste your time and is more focused on finding the RIGHT home for you instead putting money in her pocket. Any anxious apartment hunter would be incredibly lucky to have her in their corner. I cannot recommend her enough.

- Maya D. Haynes
Couldn't be happier with my decision, very pleased with the entire process from start to finish. Attention to detail was met and expectations surpassed.

- Michelle Oppenheimer
Patient, knowledgable and effective - Laura worked with quick precision to accomplish my goals and help me find the perfect home. Highly recommended!

- Robert Cavalli
Jonathan has always been so understanding of my needs. I'm a person coming from Georgia to live in Manhattan because of a job offer I had recently received. I had no idea what to expect in this large city and if it weren't for Jonathan, I probably would have still been searching for something that doesn't exist. He so very patiently took the time to honestly tend to my every need and inquiry, providing me with a sense of ease in the rental process. Unlike most other agents I've met with in the past, his calm demeanor offered much reassurance that I was with the right person. He worked with me swiftly and within a week, I found the right apartment in Chelsea. I am so grateful to his services. Thank you, Jonathan! I'll be sure to refer you to all of my friends :)

- Rachel
It was my first time looking for my own apartment in NYC and I wasn’t sure what to expect - especially given the many horror stories I’ve come across. To my surprise, I had a really positive experience, all thanks to Tiara! Tiara as very professional and always responded to my (many!) inquiries right away. The lease signing and move-in process was straightforward and she helped guide me through the legal paperwork. On a personal level, Tiara was extremely pleasant to work with - always friendly and with a smile. Plus, the apartment is a beauty - definitely a gem compared to what I’ve seen from other agents. I don’t think I’ll be looking for an apartment any time soon, but I’d look to Tiara next time I’m in the market. I highly recommend Tiara to anyone looking for an apartment! Thanks for all your help :)! Monica

- Monica
We worked with Steve to find a new apartment in Brooklyn. Steve is kind, easy going, was never pushy and a real pleasure to work with. I'd happily recommend him to anyone.

- Dana Ashley
We have enlisted Mrs. Marcelin to assist us with employee transitions during corporate relocations. In the short time she has assumed this assignment we have found her to Jdbe extremely responsive, professional, and very conscious of our core goals and objectives. In our fast paced and demanding industry of development and construction we consider the greatest ability to be availability. Mrs Marcelin is beyond reproach when we asses her value against our demands.

- Brisa Builders Corp
Gene helped me find an amazing apartment that was both within my budget and exactly how i pictured it! I wish I had gone to him sooner!

- Devin Thomas
Mr. Tyshawn is by far the best realtor I've ever worked with. With every viewing I received down to just working with me in my circumstances, he as exceptional. told him what I wanted in an apartment, and he delivered. I would highly recommend him to any and all friends and family for a new home, should the need arise. Thanks for all the help Tyshawn. MUCH appreciated. --- Wayne Adams

- wayne adams
She is a great agent! Very quick to respond to all my questions and my requirements. She helped me alot to get what I need . Thankyou so much exactly.very knowledgable. Trusting woman

- Elsayed
Tiara is the best agent I've ever met, and done business with. I've purchased multiple properties, and I haven't lived anywhere (renting) beyond a year, for 15 years - so I've met a lot. Extremely friendly, thorough, knowledgeable, prompt; she's a joy to work with!

- Rocco A
Shiri is an exceptional real estate agent. She helped me find a great place for myself in the city. What I appreciated the most about her is how she sought to really understand what I was looking for then tailored apartment showings to those specific needs and goals. She asked me detailed questions about what I was looking for beyond common questions on apartment location, price, and type. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to settle in the city.

- Lauren Lee
Max has been a blessing in our apartment hunt, his professionalism and deep knowledge of the east village/lower east side have made him a real plus in this adventure. Thanks again

- Johanna
Steve was extremely helpful and friendly throughout the entire process. He took me to a number of of units and explained the ins and outs of renting. He forwarded units that fit my description in took me to others that I found by viewing Highline listings on-line.

- Erich Weiss
Nadege is a very dedicated and thorough professional. When she takes on a task, you best believe she won't stop until she gets to the finish line - EFFICIENTLY- Working with her has been a pleasant and satisfactory experience. I strongly recommend her services to all in need. She will deliver effectively and with a smile at all times !!

- Nathalie Stewart
Searching for a place in the tri-state can be the most frustrating & exciting experience all in once. I can say Aubrey was beyond helpful; He was attentive of what I wanted as well as professional with his suggestions. Knowing your property as well as the neighborhood is a plus & Aubrey has that. I was satisfied with my experience & would love to work with him again. I referred him to a few poeple but will love to work with him again in the future.

- Shakina Garnes
Aubrey Crooke is very professional, he made the process of helping me find a great home easy. I recommended two other prospects to him and they were also very satisfied.

- Sheree Campbell
If you get to work with Shiri, consider yourself lucky! We had the best experience working with her. We are generally skeptical of working with brokers, but Shiri has completely transformed our opinions. She got to know us personally, and listened to our reactions as we saw apartments so she could hone in on something that would be the perfect fit. She really got into our heads (in a good way!) and eventually brought us to the perfect West Village apartment that we adored and that was well within our budget. Thank you Shiri!

- Andrew and Ned
Geoffrey was great! He helped line up several locations for my husband and I to see when we were in NY for a week to look at listings. Once we were back in FL he handled so much for us, making the process very easy and as stress free as possible. We are very grateful to him for being so available and helpful during our cross country move.

- Jen
I had met Katherine from living in the area for a while and was so surprised to see her walk up to show me an apartment! She is so personable and sweet, I felt like I was at the viewing with a friend. Beyond that she is detail oriented and very timely in her communication. Any questions or concerns I had she was on top of them helping to resolve the issues right away. Since I've moved in, she has been great at following up with me to make sure the apartment is meeting my expectations. She made sure the process was clear, fast and easy and worked around my schedule. I have already been recommending Katherine and would be pleased to work with her again on future moves!

- Leigh Toothaker