Highline Residential agent reviews

Agent Review
Jeff went above and beyond in working to show us apartments that suited our needs. He did extensive homework and research, was personable, honest and fair. He communicated promptly and at all times felt like a true tenant's advocate and an oasis of decency in an industry that is often harsh to apartment seekers.

- Carl B
She has a very warm personality, knows what she is doing and did a great job with finding me an apartment.

- Sereta S
The apartment I really wanted got rented, but she was very helpful throughout the whole process. Very friendly.

- Sebastian O.
As a large landlord in the area, it was imperative to know that we were working with someone on “our team” and motivated by our best interests. From our first inquiry, Frank Spaulding-Bey of Highline Residential gave a fantastic first impression. Even before I put a face to his name he was able to demonstrate professionalism and trustworthiness. It was evident from the start that he could balance his client's best interest as well as keeping his perspective buyers informed. It's very important as an active buyer/investor to feel engaged and informed throughout the whole process. That being said, Frank and his teammate were not lacking in any of the above. 0 complaints! Frank made things simple and clear for us from the onset. He walked me through the building and quickly understood the things that were important to us in further expanding our portfolio. He has truly exceeded our expectations from day one. For that reason, Frank Spaulding-Bey has gained our utmost respect here at Silvershore Properties. We look forward to meeting at the closing table many more times in the future. I highly recommend Frank and his teammate Devone Graham. Both Frank & Devone gave their 150%; this process would not have been the same without their expertise. They collaborate in the best, most efficient way. I had zero doubt in the ability of these two brokers. They as a team, stick strong to their word. When something needed to be done there were no excuses – everything was completed on time and as planned. Thank you Frank & Devone for your assistance. Again, we look very forward to working together moving forward. You’re all true assets and you make a fantastic team. We are fortunate to have been given the opportunity and extremely appreciative of your work. Best, Matthew Newman Director of Acquisitions Silvershore Properties, LLC

- Matt Newman of Silvershore Properties
In a word: fantastic. I've used brokers before and I'm usually hesitant to go down that road due to the hard sell aspect of most I've worked with. We got lucky with Marc. He didn't seem interested in merely "closing" us so much as he was finding the right place for us. Pressure was non-existent and he answered our questions in a straightforward manner without trying to put a sales spin on them. He was patient while my wife and I deliberated, but followed up in a friendly, laid back demeanor to check on us. All in all, this was the best broker experience I've had in the 11 years I've been in NYC. HIGHLY recommended.

- Joe
Tyshawn really found the best apartment for us, and went out of his way to match our needs and requests to the ideal apartment. In addition, it was always easy to get ahold of him, even on weekends and nights, and he made the application process incredibly easy and straightforward. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a place.

- Dominic
Yvonne is an ideal rental agent in securing a lease. She exemplifies all of the professionalism and diligence needed when looking for a home. Without Yvonne's assistance, I'm sure that finding a rental would have taken a lot longer. Not only did she find a beautiful apartment for my family and I, but she also matched us with a great landlord in a beautiful neighborhood. I highly recommend her as a five star agent!

- Rosa Spears
It was truly a pleasure working with Yvonne to secure my lease. Yvonne went above and beyond to make sure that all paperwork and requirements were organized and appropriately presented to my new landlord. She focuses not only on showing rentals in a desired location, but she also shows a passion for matching a renter with the their perfect dream home. I highly recommend her for her professionalism and beautiful rental properties.

- Morgan Spears
Andrew was so helpful and took the time to answer all of my questions whenever I came up with them! I wasn't sure what I wanted but Andrew was patient and resourceful. I appreciate all the work he put in for me!

- Tara Burney
Sharon was hugely helpful, flexible and easy to work with. She helped my find the perfect apartment during a tough personal transition. That was in October. It's June now and I couldn't be happier with my new home.

- Erica B
Max knows his stuff. We were looking for a very particular sort of place. He quickly lined up places for us to see, scouted them himself, and showed us the good ones. In the end we decided not to move but that wasn't because Max didn't show us anything worthwhile. He's a standup guy who never wasted our time.

- Kim
I had an excellent experience renting an apartment through Carter. He was straightforward, helpful, and honest, which is a real rarity in my experience of navigating the NYC real estate market. He responded to any questions or concerns I had with tact and a smile on his face to boot! He truly went above and beyond and was sincerely interested in helping me. It was a pleasure working with him and I'd heartily recommend him as a broker.

- Jade
Chris stood above and apart from the many sketchy and dubiously qualified brokers that we all come across in NYC. He showed me a co-op rental in Brooklyn that I ended up applying for and ultimately getting, in part definitely thanks to his input. Along the way, Chris was patient, responsive, and went out of his way to ensure the process was smooth and trouble-free for everyone involved. Those are good traits to find in any broker, but especially when applying to a co-op with a 45 page application and over a dozen personal documents - having a knowledgeable and helpful ally in that process is invaluable. Although I only worked with Chris directly on that apartment rather than hunting around (I found everything on Streeteasy), I have no doubt he's an asset to have there too. Definitely recommend him for anyone looking at rentals in Brooklyn!

- Alex C.
It's refreshing to meet an agent who's actually knowledgeable about the listings he shows. In our first meeting, Marc showed not only his professionalism and honesty, but his familiarity with the area we were interested in. He quickly got a read of what we were looking for, understood our concerns, and even answered questions on other listings that we had not emailed to him prior to meeting. He proved to us he was there to work with us and not just collect a fee. Thanks Marc!

- D. Mejia
She is a great agent, always answering quickly the email and all the questions I had. Thanks for all.

- Bernardo Soriano
She is very professional and communicates very well. It was a pleassure to have it as my agent representing me, she really did a great job.

- Aneury Pena
I had a great experience working with Adrian. I couldn’t believe how responsive he was to all of my requests and questions, and he knew far more than I ever hoped in finding the right place for me. Thank you again.

- Melia
Heavenly sent. This guy is incredible. When other brokers in NYC wouldn't give me the time of day, Trevor came alone and went above and beyond. He kept me posted on every move and had a back up plan for his back up plan. Without him I would not have the peace of mind I now have. Talk about turning water into wine. Thank you very much.

- LeAnder A. Green III
Marc is a great realtor. He is personable, enthusiastic, and very responsive. When my girlfriend and I first viewed our current apartment, Marc greeted us with a smile, showed us the unit, and then took the time to show us around the neighborhood and other places of interest. Then, when the landlord asked for an alteration of terms, Marc worked with us both personally and professionally to resolve any and all issues. Highly reccommended.

- Steven Pardo
Ana Maria was so helpful finding me a place. She knew what I wanted and steered me in the right direction when trying to decide. She drove me all over Brooklyn to look at multiple listings. She went above and beyond for me and I am so happy I finally have a home!

- Lizette Garcia
Maria's friendliness and sense of urgency set all my anxieties about moving to NYC at ease. She found one of the best options for me and locked it down within a matter of 3 days.

- Paul Mosley
Finding an apartment can be a daunting experience, however dealing with Ben Yoon made the whole experience more streamlined and much easier. Ben responded to all of my phone calls, texts, and emails immediately, and always found answers/solutions to any problems and/or tasks in a timely manner. Ben is highly competent, organized, and efficient. I would highly recommend working with Ben in any given real estate transaction.

- Adam Merriam
Marc is highly recommended by me for the one thing that matters most in a rental Timely Results and a quick rental. Marc got my apartment rented in a week as he promised with a good tenant I would recommend and hire Marc for all my real estate needs in future.

- Kunal
In short, Craig is wonderful! We had the best experience with him, not only did he show us great apartments (over 15) but he found places that would accommodate to my special circumstances (foreign parents/guarantors). He was careful and considerate and highlighted what each place had that would interest us. The more he got to know us, the more detailed the guidance became. It was a delightful and rewarding experience thanks to Craig. Don't hesitate, call Craig now for the best brokerage experience!

- Laura Peraza
We had a great experience working with Myriam. I couldn’t believe how responsive she was to all of our requests and questions, and she knew far more than we ever hoped to about the process of Renting an apartment in NY!. We were also impressed by how fast she understood what we were looking for, as we have 3 kids and not only the apartment had to be adjusted accordingly, but also the location, amenities and school were important factors to consider. We would definitely recommend her!

- Sailifa Nanit
Mairicia is a great dealer, she showed me one apartment and we did the application in the same day, i got approved in the next day. She was very nice and helpful. The apartment prive was really good. 1 bedroom for 1500 with NO broker fee. I highly recommen her

- Osama Almanastirly
Dila and I could not have been more lucky to have worked with Carter for placement in our new apartment. He is a genuine, hardworking real estate professional who was extremely responsive and helpful throughout the process. We found Carter through a listing of an apartment that we liked, and due to the family owned nature of the building, the process was pretty involved. Nevertheless, thanks to Carter, the process seemed like a breeze. He was able to answer any question we had throughout the process, and even drew up a floor plan for our planning purposes when one was not available through the owners. Carter is an exceptional agent, the kind that people deserve during the apartment search but hardly ever get. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new place to stay.

- Viraj and Dila
I had the pleasure of meeting Yvonne a short while ago. From the first day, we clicked. I was very impressed with her professionalism, caring manner, and her willingness to link me to an apartment that fit me as a person and my needs as I relayed them to her. I have worked with a lot of broker in my professional and personal life , over the last 14-years. Yvonne Washington is a rarity to her field and her profession. She is caring of the people who seeks her help. Very kind and pleasant and always returns call and will outreach her clients to give updates. She is truly a rare gem in this industry and one of the best Realtor's I have ever encountered.

- Vanessa Mills
Ray, We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your diligent work in helping us find a condo matching our specifications and price range and also making the subsequent renting of the condo so seamless! Your attention to detail and knowledge of the market made the entire process extremely stress free. Continued success, and we will not miss an opportunity to refer future real estate buyers to you. Regards, Lucy and Ted

- Lucy & Ted Zurek
Thank you for the help you have given us, Ray, and please know that your professional and courteous demeanor is much appreciated and we will be happy to refer people to you. Sincerely Tom

- Tom Bair