Ace Your Exam - Real Estate Sales Person Test

Lots of test modes

Ace Your Exam: NY R.E. Exam is a New York State test prep app for the Real Estate Salespersons examination. Through a study mode, practice mode, review mode and several practice exams, we prepare you for the state test and help you become a real estate sales person in the state of New York.

Practice, Study and Test yourself

Finished the exam and wondering about your next steps? We give you some guidance on how you can get started in your real estate career in New York State. Located in the New York Metro area? Come meet with us in person for some hands-on experience of what it's like to be a real estate agent.

Progress to success

Lots of statistics gauge your performance and let you track your progress in your exam preparation over time. Get the same questions wrong consistently? We allow you to quickly review problem questions each time you open the app.

Lovingly made in New York

Crafted by creative, full stack Android Development consultant and award winning (IBM Award winning design and implementation) IT Implementer Peter Birdsall, possessing technical and managerial acumen, across mixed business disciplines, driven to compliment business visions in the mobile arena. Favorite pastime – sharing and applying my Android-centric passion, creativity, enthusiasm, philomathic IT nature in up skilling and application, whether in code or with others. Actively involved in the NY / NJ Android community networking, volunteering, and participating in 10+ mobile Meetup groups. Reach him at or link up at
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